Friday, December 31, 2010

Food: Liquid Oxygen

Hey Guys,
The best way to make sure your FLY is by eating SuperFresh Foods! What we put in our body becomes apart of who we are and what we are made up of! So put dem chicken wings down SUN! Lol!

Oxygen: Eating foods that OXYGENATES the body naturally regenerates the cellular structure! If we want vibrant, luscious cells from head to toe then eat & drink your greens! I especially favor Green Coconut H2O, Arugula, Chorella, Dandelion, Spinach, Kale, oh and I'm a sucker for Swiss Chard! Ingest these foods and watch your energy increase, your skin shine and hey, its even a natural deodorizer for all ya'll Funky Broadways out chea!

Check out this little quick me upper that I absolutely love! This drink purifies the blood, washes the heart and regenerates the cells in the body! :0)

Liquid Oxygen:
1 Green Coconut (water)
2 cups Dandelion Greens
1 tbsp Spirulina
1 Key Lime
a pinch of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to raise the Ph balance.

1. Open green coconut and add to blender.
2. Juice dandelion greens and add to blender as well.
3. Squeeze the juice of the key lime into the blender.
4. Add in the Spirulina
5. Add a pinch of P.H. sea salt

And paaadooooowwww! You're in there like swim wear SUN!

Note: The Dandelion greens are bitter so if you are having a sweet tooth omit the Dandelion and add Agave Nectar! Enjoy! Remember lovers.... Eat your SEXY!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Design: X DEEP

so i met this dude a little while back... maybe back in like 91 or so. he was a graff head i was a graff head, we loved hip-hop blah, blah, blah. oh (yeah, for those who aren't in the know... graff is short for graffiti) i met him during his freshman year @ vassar college and we stayed tight the duration of his time @ vassar. he started a graff mag called monkey styles which he rocked with for a while, then shortly after he started a clothing line called 10 deep. after he graduated college he ended up workin for a company called akademiks, it was during his time @ akademiks that he realized his potential as well as the potential of his company (which he was still running by the way)

he decided to put more into his company and build his brand into something special that embodied new york, something that embodied hip hop, something undeniably DOPE. this mentality took him from simple screen printed tees and hoodies, to embroidered jackets, custom button down twill shirts, polos, leather varsity jackets, pea coats... to collabo's with timberland, adidas and pro keds.

dude has been a constant inspiration for me since day one and will always continue to be... big ups to my homie scott sasso. from the tenth divison and beyond, keep doin the damn thing broham. ONE LOVE.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Food: Holidays @ WUSA9

Lauren Von Der Pool serves WUSA9 news anchor JC Hayward
Check out the Chef's Jacket... Owww! A Von Der Pool & Tristan Blake exclusive

Design: cookies N cream

here's a dope little spot i found on the web a little while back, they keep things real fresh around the way... and they have a traveling shop that looks like an ice cream truck. now how effin dope is that :) they keep their fingers on the pulse of just about everything that's visually fly.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fashion: Jordan Retro Cool Grey 11

The day is finally here!! The most highly anticipated Jordan release of the year is an understatement! These are the best colorway 11's EVER!! Don't go looking for them after this release date cause you will not find them. TINKER MADE THEM SHINE...MIKE MADE THEM FLY...YOU MADE THEM ICONIC!!

Fashion: Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin (born January 7, 1964) is a High Fashion footwear designer who launched his line of high-end Sneaker & shoes in France in 1991.

If your trying to stay on top of your shoe and sneaker game then you should consider a pair of Louboutins!! I Met Christian Louboutin at the Met Ball Gala Oprah Hosted last summer with Swizz Beatz, It was a Great Experience!! Check out other Celebs Rocking the High Fashion Sneaker or Shoes Below

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Food: Healthy Living Tip: Seitan

When cooked, this wheat gluten looks, tastes and feels like meat, so it’s a great meat substitute. It’s also high in protein. Just follow the cooking instructions on the package. I often add it to pastas, stir fries and salads. You can find seitan in the refrigerator section at health food stores.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Film 101: John Cassavettes

Paraphrasing my last post I said, “TRUE independent cinema began in the USA as a result of the influence of Italian neo-realism.” So, who was the pioneer of indie cinema in the USA? There were a couple of notable individuals working with experimental and avant-garde film in the 50s, but I think the most important was New York born filmmaker and actor, John Cassavettes. His first narrative feature film Shadows (1957), explored interracial relationships in Beat Era New York City thirty-four years before Spike’s Jungle Fever. Although SHADOWS was shot hand-held, on location and improvised by actors outside of the studio system, Hollywood had to take note of the young, influential, ‘indie’ pioneer—and so should you. I’ll be back with more of JC’s work after the holiday…Peace.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Food: Chef Lauren Von Der Pool

"Your food is your Medicine"
Peace, OM, namaste, hotep, shalom, bonne journee, siku njema, and all of that good stuff! Allow me to Introduce myself, Hi my name is Lauren. Some call me Boogie. I am a student of life, thou most know me as a Chef. I love to sing but never wanted to be a starving artist so I became the CEO/founder of a Green non-profit Von Der Pool Gourmet & Healthy Living Services Inc. We teach inner city communities healthy living services and agricultural awareness. I am also the CEO and Executive Chef of Von Der Pool Gourmet, Inc. we offer Electrical Food classes, health consultations, private chef services and weekly meal plans and more. Check us out!

Lets see what the New York Times has to say about Von Der Pool's visit to the White House

Many consider me to be a world renowned celebrity chef specializing in exotic, vegan and raw food cuisine, yet it means nothing if I cannot bring that light to my global community starting locally. The foundation of my philosophy is eating an Alkaline Carbon Based Diet or even better the CHO arrangement, which is simply eating foods that are either Carbon based, Hydrogen based or Oxygen based.

I arose from humble beginnings at the age of 16 when became a raw foodist and decided I didn't wanna work for anybody else, unless it was to apprentice; I wanted to write the checks. I began supporting myself like the hustlers I saw on the block except I went into the business of food & beverage; I began selling raw pies outside of local universities and got my first millionaire client doing so, too! Got some knowledge, travel, more clients and experience then decided to attend Le Cordon Bleu. As a student I went on to cater the Oscars, Grammys, AMA’s and countless A-List celebrity events heading up the vegetarian, vegan & raw food cuisine.

After apprenticing with world renowned Chefs, Healers and restaurateurs such as Wolfgang Puck, Kyle Cannoughton of the Michelin acclaimed Fat Duck Restaurant, Dr. Sebi, Karyn Calabrese, Aris La Tham, The Sushi King - Chef Kaz Okochi to name a few restaurant I have returned to DC! I was an instrumental player in getting the Healthy School Lunch Act passed alongside PCRM's Dr. Neal Bernard, Elizabeth Kucinich and NBA star John Salley.

Deputy Agriculture Secretary Kathleen Merrigan

I am currently working with The First Lady's campaign to end our national obesity epidemic, Chefs Move To Schools. I am heavily involved in DC Farm to School Initiatives etc. to raise the awareness of humanity in a fun, haute, exciting way!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Design: Style is the Message

easily one of the dopest design cliques to ever touch the game... 123 KLAN is, was and will continue to be a point of inspiration for me. i've learned to take my graff (graffiti for those of you that ain't up on thangs lol) and transform it into graff INSPIRED design. from logo's to clothing design, company branding ect... these cats helped me to focus, hone and sharpen my blade. have a little look see @ what all the whoopla is about... and remember STYLE IS THE MESSAGE.

Fashion: Fly Society x Terry Kennedy

Check out my close friend Terry Kennedy's clothing line Fly Society. I been repping this brand since it 1st started!! Take a listen to Fly Society's music & TK's show which airs on BET every tuesday at 10pm called "Being Terry Kennedy". Shouts out to TK, HIT, Fuzzy Fe, Quy, Reggie & The rest of the FS Fam!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Design: Apple Watch

The TikTok + LunaTik by Scott Wilson (MINIMAL) transform Apple's iPod Nano into multi-touch watches, becoming the highest funded project in history.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Music: Melky Jean "Better"

I am Directing a music video for Melky Jean's record "Better". It's on the Care for Haiti project being distributed by Slip N Slide Records (home of Rick Ross, Plies, Trina, Jagged Edge). We shot the main performance and some storyline in Miami, FL this past Friday. Melky will be in New York this Saturday to finish the rest of the shoot with Eye On It. Here are some raw screen grabs straight from the camera. The video is scheduled for a syndicated release on MTV, BET and Fuse, January 12th 2011, on the anniversary date of the earthquake. See more of my Directorial work at

Friday, December 10, 2010

Film 101: Indie Film's Ancestors

I started my purse and pulse blog talking about The Bicycle Thief (1948 directed by Vittorio de Sica) which is part of the Italian neo-realism post-war movement. Italian neo-realism began when people like Vittorio de Sica and Roberto Rossellini (director of Rome Open City in 1945) started shooting on location with portable cameras, cheap film stocks and unknown actors outside of any kind of working studio system. This was essentially a movement created out of necessity—no access to sound stages, little funding for sets or quality cameras and no star system, etc…sound familiar? That’s also how TRUE independent cinema began in the USA. Be back next time with more on Italian neo-realism and the USA’s indie film pioneer …Who do you think it is?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


a serious slice of dopeness. from graff to graphic design and beyond,this dude get's it IN. there's soo much i could say about his work....but like the shirt says,fuck what you heard...SEE FOR YOURSELF. check some of his work in the features section as well as his merch in his store. illy for really.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Design: dopesauce

i've been blessed to cross paths with alot of dope people,places and things.things,people and places that have inspired me,helped me to gain a new perspective on life,or allowed me to reconnect to something thought to be lost forever. allow me to share some of what inspires me with you :)

big ups to my dude ewok. i came up with dude,met him when he was still in high he was just transitioning out of the house scene and getting more into hip hop. dude had and ill swagger from day one...and his pen game was SERIOUS. his talent was only overshadowed by his character,i feel like this guy was a comedian in another lifetime or sumtnin. i met him through my homie sean (throwback shout out to sean's phat stitches ) he had a hip hop shop in kingston. when i met dude it seemed like we had known eachother forever. we exchanged books and ended up kickin it whenever we were in eachother's neck of the woods,we ultimately ended up damn near being scratch that. we ended up BEING fam. that's my man 50 grand. i watched dude transform from boy to man and i'm glad i was there to take part in that transformation. SERIOUS shout out and massive respect to one of the illest in the game....the infamous EWOK 5MH.

Film 101: Irvin Kershner (1923-2010)

My favorite installment in the Star Wars saga is The Empire Strikes Back. This is the one when Han Solo ends up frozen in a carbonite cylinder. Considered Part Two when I was a kid, the film was directed by Irvin Kershner, who died last week after a battle with lung cancer. He also directed the James Bond film Never Say Never Again and Robocop 2. Seems Irv was a sort of go-to-guy for sequels. God Bless.