Thursday, December 30, 2010

Design: X DEEP

so i met this dude a little while back... maybe back in like 91 or so. he was a graff head i was a graff head, we loved hip-hop blah, blah, blah. oh (yeah, for those who aren't in the know... graff is short for graffiti) i met him during his freshman year @ vassar college and we stayed tight the duration of his time @ vassar. he started a graff mag called monkey styles which he rocked with for a while, then shortly after he started a clothing line called 10 deep. after he graduated college he ended up workin for a company called akademiks, it was during his time @ akademiks that he realized his potential as well as the potential of his company (which he was still running by the way)

he decided to put more into his company and build his brand into something special that embodied new york, something that embodied hip hop, something undeniably DOPE. this mentality took him from simple screen printed tees and hoodies, to embroidered jackets, custom button down twill shirts, polos, leather varsity jackets, pea coats... to collabo's with timberland, adidas and pro keds.

dude has been a constant inspiration for me since day one and will always continue to be... big ups to my homie scott sasso. from the tenth divison and beyond, keep doin the damn thing broham. ONE LOVE.

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