Saturday, December 4, 2010

Design: dopesauce

i've been blessed to cross paths with alot of dope people,places and things.things,people and places that have inspired me,helped me to gain a new perspective on life,or allowed me to reconnect to something thought to be lost forever. allow me to share some of what inspires me with you :)

big ups to my dude ewok. i came up with dude,met him when he was still in high he was just transitioning out of the house scene and getting more into hip hop. dude had and ill swagger from day one...and his pen game was SERIOUS. his talent was only overshadowed by his character,i feel like this guy was a comedian in another lifetime or sumtnin. i met him through my homie sean (throwback shout out to sean's phat stitches ) he had a hip hop shop in kingston. when i met dude it seemed like we had known eachother forever. we exchanged books and ended up kickin it whenever we were in eachother's neck of the woods,we ultimately ended up damn near being scratch that. we ended up BEING fam. that's my man 50 grand. i watched dude transform from boy to man and i'm glad i was there to take part in that transformation. SERIOUS shout out and massive respect to one of the illest in the game....the infamous EWOK 5MH.

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