Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fashion: True Blue 3's

LOYAL AND UNWAVERING IN ONES OPION OF SUPPORT FOR A CAUSE! (Like all of us here at Purse & Pulse) Peace to my fellow Pig Pockets. It's your favorite sneaker head! Jordan saw fit to once again grace us with what most sneaker pimps would consider their favorite sneaker in its most popular color way "true blue" 3's!!! (True Blue Air Jordan 3 Retro) And if that wasn't enough after your piggys get hot from showing off your new Jordan's, you can make a real pig of yourself and pick up the "true blue" slides. Either getting the paper from the bushes cause the paper boy hates you (cause your a terrible tipper) or going to the corner store for a gallon of milk, you'll look just as good as you did with your sneakers on. Fully decorated in cement grey and an air bubble in what seems to be the exact same sole! With a retail price of $150 on the kicks and $65 on the slides. So break open the piggy bank and cop asap!! Release date is June 4th but the slides are already in stores. Go pick those up so you can make the people sick on line waiting for your 3's! Reserve a pair at City Footwear today! (845) 343-3430 Don't forget the password!

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