Monday, April 11, 2011

All That Glitters, Can Be Gold.

Flirtatious Spring has arrived and as the weather changes for the best, so should your look. Allow a little bit of glitter to enter your beauty box as a blossoming hot trend to warm up your winter blues. You can try Make Up Forever’s Glitter Pots which run around $13 from Sephora to add a glimpse of Sparkle to your eyes or lips. In eye catching colors like Blues and Pinks or even try a color you wouldn’t normally use like Orange or Purple. For eyes just dab a little Vaseline or a neutral colored base on a angled liner brush to allow the pigments to stick to the brush and just line from you’re top inner eye lid to the end just as you would with a eye liner pencil. For a more dramatic look you can also line the bottom lid. Also for the girls who love a good deal try out cosmetic brand NYX’s new product Glitter On The Go which comes in a cute little pot for nearly $6 retailed at beauty stores like Harmon, Ulta or you can just order directly from the website Also for those that don’t like the messiness of a loose glitter beauty Superstore and website, Ulta also offers a variety of great alternatives in different price ranges such as Urban Decay’s Stardust Eyeshadow (Retail price $20), L’Oreal’s HIP - High Intensity Pigments Metallic Duo Eyeshadows (Retail price $7.99), or LA Splash Crystallized Glitter Bliss (Retail price $6.99). And last but definitely not least Lancome has a great eyeshadow for all of you fashion foxes and vicious vixen’s called OMBRE MAGNÉTIQUE by Lancome, running a little more pricey than the rest (Retail Price $25.00) but the colors were inspired by the disco lights of Chez Régine nightclub in Paris.

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