Friday, February 4, 2011

Food: Do You Believe in Miracles?

Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi specializes in Endocrinology and Auto Immune Deficiency

Now I know everyone in our society knows about degenerating diseases such as CANCER, LUPUS, HIV & AIDS, SICKLE CELL ANEMIA etc.

Well we all know that these diseases are known to cause discomfort, pain and even death!

Dr. Sebi is a man who prides himself in not going to one day of school! This 76 year old self taught master of Endocrinology and Auto Immune Deficiency has actually won his own case in the Supreme Court after being arrested and accused of practicing Medicine without a license & healing HIV/AIDS, CANCER, BLINDNESS, LUPUS, SICKLE CELL, FIBROIDS... I mean the list goes on guys!

How interesting it was that these people making these accusations did not once consider how amazing this is, I mean finally the CURE! Is it TRUE?

Indeed it is TRUE!

Bring out the Orchestra, this certainly deserves a STANDING O! :0) (in my false british accent)

Aye Suns, my man won his own case without a Lawyer in THE SUPREME COURT, that's HUGE!

So it is a known fact that behind every Great man there is a Powerful Woman and this statement is indeed the truth when it comes to Dr. Sebi and his beautiful Wife Matun

Dr.Sebi & His Wife Matun
(Stylin' on em)
The Founder of USHA RESEARCH

Well, I actually just got back from....
Usha, his Healing Village in Agua Caliente a Jutiapa, Honduras kilometers 225.


The Village at it's best
These are the ROOMS

Lisa Left-Eye Lopez Room
she painted the flower

It was so dope guys, there is a naturally occurring Hot Thermal Spring running through the village. The water running through all of the faucets on the village has an alkaline PH balance, its full of minerals that the body yearns for and is not getting! There is an amazing Geo- Mineral Steam Room/Sauna with aromatic Eucalyptus that is so invigorating! Chile, I call it the VAPORS! There is also a Alkaline Geo-Thermal Swimming Pool and a row of cute outdoor bath houses too. Sun, they getsss it in!!! Every morning and afternoon you are given your herbal tonics, cell foods, seamoss, fresh fruit and a meal. Talk about room service, my girl Chapita, the Head Chica In Charge makes sure that your rooms are nice and tidy!

Geo-Thermal Water

Electric Cell Food by the QUEEN OF GREEN

That's me guys, u know I had to throw a few pics of me in there

The Backyard was sooo LUSH

I must say, that my skin was looking even more SMASHING than before once that water was "Drippin all ova my BODY!" Lol!
Don't You agree!

They clearly play no games!

If you want to know more about Dr. Sebi, get their Bio-Mineral Cell Food, please feel free to check them out at

One can also call the office for more info on product, therapies and consultations!
California office -pacific time 9.00am-5.00pm Monday- Saturday 310.838.2490

Enjoy Kiddoes! xoxoxo
Signing off!

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  1. I plan to visit the Healing Village very soon!