Wednesday, July 6, 2011


During an interview I was asked what was my favorite meeting and hands down it was with Russell Simmons. So here is how it starts, well my communications manager at the time knew someone who worked in his office and they set up the meeting for me. So a day before the meeting my communications manager hit me with this bogus contract with sketchy fine print, which hurt me deeply. In short after letting my lawyer look over it she advises against signing the contract which made my communications manager upset. She says that if I don’t sign the contract then I don’t go to the meeting, cold, huh! Anyway I am the architect of my reality and I know what will be will be, all that to say I called his office and inquired about the meeting, they said it was still on so being the wizard that I am I changed the date of the meeting and notified them about the sudden switch in communication mangers. It gets deep, my godmother flies in from ATLANTA to go with me to the meeting, we drive up to NYC and when we get there they say he is running behind and if they could push it back two hours. wheeew, this was perfect for me since I needed time to print some stuff out at the Kinkos next door to the office. Im crusin' and all of a sudden I get a call from Sagen saying they needed to reschedule days. Oh no, I said, I am coming up, lol! My ride up the elevator was even magical, a principal from DC named Dr. Rutherford accompanying him was a smashing woman from bethesda, her name escapes me but on with the story we joked and laughed on the way up. They were his meeting that he was trying to bump me off the schedule for but he had no idea who he was really about to come face to face with. Once I got in the main office I was asked to come back to Simone's office where she asked me how did you even get this meeting. I was like, uh, well, ummm it was scheduled, Im not sure exactly what I said but she said you have 5 mins. and walks me back to his office, I was sweating bullets but remembering to breathe and allow things to flow. I walk in and he is pleasantly surprised, I give him a hug and asked him if he was hungry, it didnt matter if he was or not, I began opening my cute purple rolling bag taking out a gorgeous little table cloth, placing silverware in its proper place. I then, begin plating my famous Mango Kale Salad with topped with crisp wonton strips, hoisin hen of the wood mushrooms on a bed of organic spinach served with my Goddess dressing. I also pull out some hand crafted herbal tonics from my god parents company THE FORGOTTEN FOODS, REMEMBERED. Sagen walks in to try and dismiss me and he says no, bring in Dr. Rutherford he should meet her. Im so boosted, smiles everywhere! We chatted it up for about a half an hour until I decided to excuse myself as an attempt to be polite & respectful to Dr. Rutherfords initial purpose for coming from DC as well to meet with the ever so popular Russell Simmons. A couple weeks later Stan Lathan gives me a call and the rest is history in the making!

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