Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Music: Monica: Honeymoon, New Single and Drama

There's been a lot of talk lately about Monica in the media... both good and bad. Congrats are in order for Monica and her husband Shannon Brown who recently celebrated their nuptials in a lavish ceremony (although, they have already been legally married since late last year).

Monica also recently dropped some new music. The single "Anything (To Find You)" was produced by Missy Elliott and features Lil Kim and Rick Ross. However, with the good also comes some bad news. Mo's new single features a Notorious BIG sample and Biggie's mother, who owns the rights to his collection, does not want the record released with Lil Kim on it. SO you may hear a few versions of the song in the coming weeks, without Lil Kim.

Monica actually took some time while on her Honeymoon (which I hear was a surprise gift from Monica's fam Ludacris) and tweeted letting her fans know they are trying hard to work things out. She mentioned that she has a lot of love for Lil Kim and the utmost respect for Volletta Wallace and hopes they can release the song in it's original form.

For all the Monica fans out there.. take a listen to the original record and leave your thoughts and comments.

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