Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Music: Too Cool To Care

Well Hip Hop heads fresh blood has been drawn - new music from the NEW BOYZ with a new album called Too Cool To Care. These dude's are on to something with a sound similar to Black Eye Peas and with look like Kid Cudi. There music is definitely worth listening to. With songs like "better with the lights off" featuring Chris Brown, of corse it's going to be a smash hit with Chris on it. The song is basically saying when they bring a chick home at night, she look better with the lights off... WOW!!! I was wondering why they bring Ugly chicks home, I would think if the chick was a dime you would want the lights on. Anyway check it out, you can listen to this album with lights on or off. The choice is yours. You can purchase New BOYZ new album Too Cool To Care on iTunes.

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