Thursday, May 26, 2011

Design: Knowledge of Self

so back when my dude scott was goin to vassar college,we used to exchange blackbooks and whatnot...through this guy i've come into contact with ALOT of seriously DOPE artists. besides scott himself havin ill skills on the graff tip....the circle of people that he ran with were just as ill. i can't even BEGIN to tell you how much style i absorbed through my blackbook encounters with him and his peoples. mospeda,real,rekta,sie,baise and the dude i'm puttin you onto right now....SELF. i've ALWAYS admired dudes work and i've rather recently reconnected to him via my ted minoff aka tedones(another super talented artist who i learned a great deal from). he's taken everything he was doin on the graff tip and is now also utilizing those techniques,theories and processes via the digital medium...which for me creates a WHOLE new world of visual dope shit to appreciate. please allow me to introduce you to a super serious purveyor of style.... and give you all a little knowledge of SELF. much respect homie...thanks for allowing me to take pointers and soak up a little

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