Saturday, April 30, 2011

Film: Thinking of Writing a Screenplay?

Do you have a good story that you need to tell or think it would make a great movie? If the answer is yes then why not write a screenplay? Sure, there's a standard Hollywood format to follow if you wanted to submit it to industry contacts, but it's not very difficult to follow. The HARD PART is sitting down to do it on regular basis and telling your STORY cinematically.

Note: Generally a short film is considered anything under 60 minutes. A feature film is anything 60 minutes and longer. The old Hollywood rule of thumb is one scripted page equals about one minute screen time. Therefore, if you have a 60 page script it'll probably turn into a 60 minute film, give or take a few minutes.

Click to enlarge the below example of a scripted page, which should be typed in 12 point courier.

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