Saturday, April 16, 2011

Film: Conviction

My weekend choice was a film by writer Pamela Gray and Director Tony Goldwyn. While the two haven't gain the success and notoriety as the many actors that embellished this picture, their combination succeeded for me. The film is based on the true story of Betty Anne Waters who puts herself through law school and with the help of attorney Barry Scheck from the Innocence project exonerated her wrongfully convicted brother. The film rights went into a bidding war after 60 minutes aired in a piece on the story back in 2002. The picture may not have received the press and attention deserved but it delivers outstanding performances from an eclectic cast. It stars two time academy award winner Hillary Swank, acclaimed actor Sam Rockwell, academy award winner Melissa Leo, Minnie Driver, and a small but amazing performance from Academy award nominee Juliette Lewis. The film has very powerful scenes that the actors did an amazing job taking me into the hearts and minds of these real characters through obstacles that most Americans wouldn't find plausible. It was another great film added to the collection of winners in the category of "art imitating life".

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