Saturday, February 12, 2011

Film: Moving Forward and Backwards Simultaneously?

After doing several hours of research on technical specs, watching sample footage and shooting a music video with one, I’m still on the fence about buying a DSLR camera. You’ve seen them (I’ve talked about them in previous blogs) and maybe you’ve even shot with one--they are the cameras that look like still cameras but shoot in full 1080p HD glory. However, you cannot capture professional, broadcast quality audio with one simultaneously (unless you really want to risk all of your precious audio recording through a ¼” adapter) and so, you need a separate XLR recording device on set. Later, you must sync the audio to the picture--after you log and capture both in your computer for post. This is just like the OLD double system of using a film camera and a separate Nagra for sound and syncing them with a clapboard on a Steenbeck. The picture looks great, but having to take that extra step of synching the audio can be time consuming in post.

OLD Steenbeck Editing Machine

If you have the time… great--take full advantage. I really believe the portability of indie-digi ‘guerrilla’ movie making is at its best right now--with that small exception.

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