Saturday, January 15, 2011

Film 101: TINY FURNITURE... and cameras

My last post I wrote about the dawn of the neo-indie digi-movie--ending with the winner of 2010’s SXSW Film Festival, TINY FURNITURE, by writer/director/actor, Lena Dunham. If this doesn’t get you freakin’ psyched as an independent filmmaker, I really don’t know what will do the job. This $45,000 neo-indie digi-movie was shot with no-name actors and crew (including Dunham herself and her real life mother and sister among others), on location in New York City, with one of the most portable and affordable cameras available on the market--the Canon 7D. It landed in theaters in November, but I believe you can still catch it at the Indie Screen Theater in Brooklyn before it arrives on DVD and VOD. Here’s the trailer.

It's the awards season (Golden Globes, Oscars) and I haven't seen nearly enough of the nominated films and neo-indie digi-movies to give you my picks in all categories, but if I were THE judge, two of my picks would be: Best Actress - Jennifer Lawrence in WINTER'S BONE (shot on the RED). I believe it was her first role and she is a REAL, natural talent. Best Director - Christopher Nolan for INCEPTION - This dude just continues to progress as a writer and director faster than anyone in the history of motion pictures. Since his first feature film, FOLLOWING, I've been... following.

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