Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Music: Baby H.A.M. (Baby Disses Jay Z)

Ok Hip-Hop heads Jay Z and Kanye West released their first single H.A.M. (Hard As A Motha f@#Ka). This is off their upcoming collaboration album, Watch The Throne. In my opinion this is a bone they threw out to see what the people are responding to. I think this particular track is not gonna be among their better work off the album. Kanye West did not bring his A game, however Jay Z does what he always does - what Jay Z Do, kill sh*t! He never slacks in is craft. This song dosen't work for me too much, because in order for a collaboration song to work, each artist must compliment each other, they have to feed off one another. After Jay spit you didn't even remember Kanye's verse. I would like to point out a verse by Jay Z "I'm like really half a billi n@*ga really you got baby money keep it real with n@*gas n@*gas a'int got my lady's money". I recall Baby from cash money once said "Lil Wayne was a better lyricist and Lil Wayne has more money than Jay Z" - could Jay Z just be saying that "n@*gas have baby money, small doe, little to no doe, flash now money but still owe doe" Don't Know you tell me. Jay-Z responded to baby before once before.

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