Friday, January 21, 2011

Food: On My Low Starch SPELT

Good Day My Dear Lads...

Today we are gonna be delving into eating a low starch diet and the benefits thereof!

It is too often that we are eating refined flour, lets just say that white flour has become the millennium's new crack! HaHa! No really, if you're trying to grow a new ass go grab some cornbread and get busy; but if you're like me, who loves my ass at the size it is, you would make a wise decision to
1. throw away the box of jiffy cornbread mix and
2. put dem chicken wings down!
side note: how harsh are we to eat the birdy's wings... I mean can't we all get fly on em if we want? apparently not if you're chicken little!

Anyway if you want to
1. loose a little weight around those problem areas
2. get more nutrients out of the foods you eat
3. be eco-licious by lowering your carbon foot print

You would make these minor shifts. So instead of eating: White Bread - The devil's own brew (I always wondered why they gave it to us in church and called it the body of christ, lol) - You would eat a spelt grain bread. Spelt is an ancient grain that is low in starch, full of flavor, with tons of all the nutrients we want! Check out spelt flour products at your nearest whole foods or green grocer. There are loaves of spelt bread, cookies, muffins and even tortilla wraps. Say adios to white flour products and welcome in our millennium's modern antique, the spelt grain!

Stay tuned for more updates and health tips from your gal, Lauren Von Der Pool - The Queen Of Green!!!!!

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