Thursday, January 6, 2011


going back to about 07 i met this dude named prince. prince was a college student in arizona, and i met him through his cousin from germany. she used to always say how she had a cousin that was tryin to start a clothing line up and that i should connect with him. so we eventually connect via the wonders of the internet and he shows me the pieces he was working on @ the time....i gotta tell you, i was like are you SERIOUS?! the pieces didn't look like anything @ all, and weren't strong enough to hold him down the way he would have liked them to. dude had all kinds of drive and a HELL of alot of heart, he knew what he had wasn't much but it was the best he could do with what he had to work with. i respect that hardbody so i offered to help dude rebrand and redirect. within a month or so dude took the designs i did for him, got em printed up and was really pushing them. he eventually hooked up with another designer who was able to help him get a little closer to his dream of havin his own spot and pushin his own line. fast forward to 2011 and dude now has a dope ass spot selling not only his own line, but doin his numbers with the clips clothing line play cloths, benny gold, better off dead, alife, the hundreds, super and g shock to name a few. if you're ever in phoenix, AZ you should look him up, tell him rez sent you. i really respect this dudes hustle and it feels good to see him makin it happen. i'm glad i was able to be a part of your journey my dude. lookin forward to seein you rock with the big dogs :) PROPS TO MY NUKKA PRINCE!!!

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